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Meet Me, Astrologer Ari!

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Hey! My name is Ariana and I am the curator of this fine website. I am a 22 year-old astrologer, tarot reader, and student of spirituality. I use a melting pot of techniques and understandings to my approach of astrology as well as different spiritual and religious teachings. I believe that we are innately immaculate and the moment of our creation can help us understand what we're here to experience as well as how to best take care of ourselves and our needs.

My interest in astrology came long before I discovered all of the relevance astrology has to our lives. I began with personality tests, Chinese zodiac prints on restaurant menus, and information regarding my sun sign. As a child I would read all I could to better understand myself and why I was who I was. At some point I rejected astrology and began a period of darkness and misunderstanding and overall poor choices. However, I thought that there was something more, something that could help me understand myself and why I was in the position I was in. This, led me to my rediscovery of astrology, spirituality, and life sciences (chakras, mind/body connection, yoga etc.) I discovered natal charts and the philosophies of astrology, its many forms , and the complexities/simplicities of its many uses.

I began my practice studying tropical astrology and reading charts in the placidus house system. I have since then progressed to studying traditional astrology, sidereal astrology, draconic astrology, bhuddism, modern psychology, witchcraft, and many topics in astrology and beyond. This is why my practice has become such a melting pot and source of healing. Through studying and implementing different practices in my own life I have come to discover the magic of astrology and I seek to share that with you.

Through understanding myself I discovered a passion for seeing and understanding others. I believe that through observing, recognizing without judgement, and empathetically understanding we can aide in the healing process. I believe that the intricate and specialized practice of astrology can lead us to this source.

If you're interested in learning more I recommend The Astrology Podcast (available on spotify, apple music, as well as, @iJaadee on twitter and her patreon which is a wealth of knowledge,, and booking an astrology educational session with me! I also post astrology content and interactive stories on the @astrologerari instagram page and my DM's are currently open. I am so happy to welcome you to the Astrologer Ari community and share this wonderful practice with you!

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