I really got a lot out of the reading and as I always say "there's a reason for everything" This reading could not have come at a better time and was something I needed very much to help keep me on the path to becoming a better person/mom/friend. I plan to get my daughter a reading too once things calm down!

Jennifer F, In-Depth Tarot Reading

This was amazing and spoke to me a lot, in multiple different ways and depths. It also gave me a lot to meditate on, because there is definitely a lot of different stuff swirling around right now that I haven't given enough time to work on. Ari has an incredible intuition!

Kelly M, In-Depth Tarot Reading

Ari’s transit reading gave me the reassurance and confidence I needed for my upcoming move across the country and other personal issues I’ve been having. I feel so much relief with the tools she gave me to move forward with my decisions. I love knowing what to expect in the near future and Ari is always on point!

Abby S, Transit Reading

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