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Fancy Meetin' You Here

I'm Ari, an astrologer and tarot reader that passionately helps others create and care for their most magical lives!

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My Story

My name is Ariana. I am a 23-year old astrologer and tarot reader based in Jackson Hole, WY.

I, like, many others started my astrological journey at a young age through Sun sign astrology and Chinese zodiacs on restaurant menus. Proudly declaring my Leonine energy everywhere I went until I got a little older and a lot more concerned with the thoughts of others. Even now, I can clearly remember a time that even I denounced astrology and that confident Leo courage. 

After entering college and experiencing a series of crises I turned inward and spaceward (lol). In March of 2018 I saw my birth chart in its entirety and although I had yet to learn what exactly it meant, I felt an innate connection to the tales it had to tell. I spent hours of every day, weeks on end researching everything I could trying to answer one question, "Who Am I?" A loaded question, but an important one that everyone asks themselves in their lives. 

The quest for self-discovery transitioned into a quest for the universal truths and wisdom that astrology can offer. I began signing up for lectures, taking independent classes, purchasing a library of literary resources, and digging deeper internally to connect with the material. 

After four years, and many kind friends allowing me to pick their minds and charts, I am here to help you uncover the mundane magic of your personal astrology. We all have a hero's journey to undertake and soul's desires to live out, I'm here to facilitate that.

Who Am I?

A being that helps others nurture the magic that is already inside of them. 


I't would be an honor to work with you! Let's connect!

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